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So Many Roads for growth & healing

Whole Self Wellness Consultation reconnect & align with the Self


MANY times people come to a consultation to address a physical ailment or concern...

and as we move through the process it becomes clearer that it is not just the physical aspect of yourself that needs assistance. In yogic view, it is all connected. 

And each of us is different, thank goodness! So we all move through this world and live our stories in different, unique ways. In turn, the roads that bring us toward healing are different & unique.

Consultation is open to anyone seeking guidance.

If you are practicing yoga. If you are just getting started. If you are suffering a physical ailment. If you want to learn how to calm and meditate. If you are feeling lethargic or anxious.

If you want to feel stronger and healthier in general.

We can meet over zoom or in-person. I will develop a custom plan for you to review and begin following to work toward your personal goal and overall wellness.

I have worked with folks dealing with life transitions, losses, injury, recovery, anxiety, cancer & treatment cycles, back issues (such as fusions, bulging discs and numbness)

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation & building a plan, please send your info via my contact page

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Chakra Asessment reconnect & align with the Self

Our chakra system can be thought of much like the other systems of our body- only in this case we are addressing the energy body. Those energies can manifest into the physical body as well. 

Learning how each chakra effects our being is such a valuable tool. Your energy is speaking to you, through your physical body and breath. Your breath can help steer your energy. 

Many of us were not taught about this system. And it is important as we store energy in our body throughout our lifetime. That is energy that can keep raising us upward or hold us in place. As we explore your chakras, you will be able to see the places where your strengths shine and places that can use more strengthening. You will start to see what you can let go of, those bits that are no longer serving you.


Chakra Assessment: 

We will review the 7 primary chakras, their functions and discover how each area feels to you presently. 

Then you will receive a write up of our session with helpful suggestions and guides to address areas that need some extra love to get that energy moving freely.

Taking a look at your chakras or energy centers can bring relief, insight and clarity. You deserve to live a healthy, happy life.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation & building a plan, please send your info via my contact page

Ayurvedic Nutrition reconnect & align with the Self

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga. In Ayurveda digestion begins in the mind- the second we begin to think of food- our physical body begins to react and digestion is underway. 

We will assess your constitution from an Ayurvedic standpoint and build a nutrition plan to help meet your goals for your overall health.  

You will learn ways to listen to your body, find balance in the foods you are choosing and combining by following Ayurvedic principles helping to establish a healthy, happy relationship with food. 

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation & building a plan, please send your info via my contact page

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