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So Many Roads for growth & healing

Whole Self Wellness Consultation reconnect & align with the Self


MANY times people come to a consultation to address a physical ailment or concern...

and as we move through the process it becomes clearer that it is not just the physical aspect of yourself that needs assistance. In yogic view, it is all connected. 

And each of us is different, thank goodness! So we all move through this world and live our stories in different, unique ways. In turn, the roads that bring us toward healing are different & unique.

Consultation is open to anyone seeking guidance.

If you are practicing yoga. If you are just getting started. If you are suffering a physical ailment. If you want to learn how to calm and meditate. If you are feeling lethargic or anxious.

If you want to feel stronger and healthier in general.

We can meet over zoom or in-person. I will develop a custom plan for you to review and begin following to work toward your personal goal and overall wellness.

I have worked with folks dealing with life transitions, losses, injury, recovery, anxiety, cancer & treatment cycles, back issues (such as fusions, bulging discs and numbness)

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation & building a plan, please send your info via my contact page

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