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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai YOGA Massage

A fantastic massage that leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and like you've had a great workout!

Experience the ultimate relaxation with Thai Massage, the perfect combination of accupressure, stretching, and massage techniques.

Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is different from Swedish Massage in that you are fully clothed and no oils are used. Thai massage is sometimes referred to as Thai Yoga Massage because it is born from yoga postures. During your session you will be lying down and/or seated on a padded mat. I will work with you to create a customized experience that meets your individual needs. Let Thai Massage transport you to a state of total relaxation and rejuvenation.

Session time is from 60 minutes up to 120 minutes

Massages can be done in home or in studio. 

Please contact me for an appointment request or if you have any questions.

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Guest Speaker /Instructor

As a guest speaker-instructor on the topics of energy healing, chakra work, the power of Manifestation and Yoga Philosophy- I am dedicated to empowering individuals to tap into their own natural healing ability. With interactive and engaging presentations, I provide practical tools and techniques for people to integrate into their daily lives, leading to lasting change and transformation. Whether you are an individual or an organization looking to bring this transformative work to your community, I am excited to work with you to create an experience that is both informative and inspiring.

Yoga Workshops & Retreats

Restorative Yin, vinyasa, chair yoga, nidra & chakra flows

Specialized classes for specific areas of the body (i.e. hips, shoulders, heart)

For more information on hiring Sarah speaker & guest teacher please contact

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