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I am a 200hr certified hatha vinyasa instructor working to build a wellness community that gives back while getting healthier- body, mind and spirit. I truly believe yoga is for everybody and every body. 

Recent Interview: Life in the Spotlight

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Welcome to my yoga journey as I grow and learn, I hope to relay those universal truths I uncover along the way from my own unique perspective

1. What have you taken away the most from the teachings of yoga that you feel others should know about? The importance of breath work. The importance of having that sense of control and ease at the same time. Controlling your breath, helps to control your thoughts and as a result, control your presence in the world. You do have control. You can design your own life. You deserve your greatest.


2. What is the thing that you love most about writing? It sets me free. It is a place to put all of my emotions, to work through them for myself and for others. Being very empathic,I have a tendency to carry others' stories along with my own, to relate on a soulful level. Writing is a way to release the emotions and to tell their stories. My writing is my heart and mind connecting to begin the dialogue of storytelling. To put words to truth.


3. What else are you involved in currently? Well, I am a mama to 6 children and I own a small couture bridal business which keeps me busy. Adventures and creativity abound! Sarah Ladybug Yoga is very involved in giving back- so I am always working to reach areas within our community to provide much needed help. Above all I am a mama, so basically-providing love, guidance and rides to and from activities/school!

4. What are your favorite spare time activities? YOGA! Writing and reading. Svadiyaya has always been at the forefront of my ventures. Continuing to learn is key. If I have a little more spare time than usual, I am squeezing in a trip somewhere or a concert. Live music and travel keep my heart beating.


5. Who has been your biggest inspiration/made the biggest impact on you thus far in the yoga world (or your spiritual journey)? The biggest inspiration to me, has been Khalil Gibran. An author, poet/artist from long ago. I read The Prophet at age 12 and was swept away. It resonated to my core. I can go to it's prose in my mind anytime and it speaks to so much of the human condition. Each time I read it again, I find a deeper meaning within it's passages. 


6. What is the definition of yoga to you? For me, yoga is home. A way of life that prior to learning more about Yoga I had not definitions for other than just being true to myself -- to my inner voice. A way of living I had always been living although I did not know had ancient roots with Sanskrit names. Yoga is a natural sense for me on how to navigate life. I am not always active in all 8 limbs but I do and have constantly floated between them. The first time I have heard the Yamas and Niyamas -- I found words to describe my home. The structure that houses my heart and spirit. As much as I love Asana, I also truly love the texts and their wisdom, dhyana and pranayama too. Yoga is a natural and perfect home for me because it is within me, has shaped my heart & mind and is totally mobile. It fortified my roots and reminded me to spread my wings. Yoga is, much like you and I, limitless.


7. Why "sarah ladybug"? I received a payment from a bridal client for my other business and she wrote the check to Sarah Ladybug (mixing my name and part of the business name). I loved it! I was in Teacher Training at the time. I showed my husband and he said, "I think you found a name for your next venture!" And so it was, Sarah Ladybug was born. 


8. Where do you find inspiration when life feels less than inspiring? Inspiration in my world is so easy to come by. I think when you have an artist's mind, you find inspiration in the most mundane, small places; it is everywhere. Nothing may come of it for years. I have 1000s of photos saved of inspiring images that may be a doorknob or shoe but something that spoke to me and will translate to writing when the moment strikes. Inspiration comes to life as a wavy current, it ebbs and flows. I have no process I undertake to step it up if I am experiencing the ebbing. The wheels are always turning so within a day or two, I usually find a flow to things once more. Sometimes it floods.


9. If you were living your last day here on earth, how would you spend it, and who would you spend it with?  Assuming I know it is my last day -- I would call my best friend and let her know. I would tell her how I would like things conducted with my family after I pass so that those things can be taken care of in advance. I would invite anyone who was interested to come to the mountains and celebrate life, love and friendship with me and my family. Likely, Colorado. And we would listen to good music, sing, dance around...I would eat things I knew would catch up to me the next day knowing there will not be a next day! Lots of hugging, silliness, laughing and storytelling. I am sure there would be a fire and snuggling. I would say my goodbyes, stay up later than everyone. Maybe write a little note to each person there. Find a good patch of earth beneath a tree and take a good long breath of gratitude and settle in.

Guest Speaker

Speaker for Hire on various Yoga Philosophy topics. Applying Yoga centric views for today's issues

Class Series'

Beginner's, chakra flow, focused areas of the body (i.e. shoulders, hips)

Yoga & Chakra Workshops

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