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December 31, 2018

This is not about resolutions. This is about recognition. As a New Year approaches I hope you can recognize all the possibilities that you are. That you cannot be duplicated. Nothing just like you is out there. Existence itself is a miracle-- ALL that it took to create this existence, the planet and all of its systems, and beyond. You are a miracle. Each of us are a miracle.

Time to start recognizing it.




Remain curious in your Life. It doesn't have to cost a thing to explore from within. What are your gifts? What habits can you identify? Stay curious with listening to your body too-- it is constantly communicating. What is it telling you? Explore your habits, the good and the bad. Get curious and explore...maybe this means asking questions about yourself, maybe it is traveling more, reading, meditating, learning a new skill, picking up an old hobby you loved...we are born explorers.





How do you express yourself? is is true? Are you able to be honest? Often I find my yoga mat is a great arena for expression. I can get out the things I cannot quite put to words through movement. And often, after moving...the words will make their way. What are you expressing? What makes you feel like you are connected to your authentic self? It can be through making your own artwork, singing, dancing, yoga, writing, music, work endeavors, make up...decorate your Life.





Think of 3 notes of encouragement you can give to yourself. Write them down. Bookmark them as a reminder on the tough days. Self-talk is a great place to begin to exercise encouragement. Recognize that how you speak to yourself matters. Encouragement is expansive and contagious-- share it when you recognize positivity in action. 




Everyone is. Our gift is that we get the chance to recognize it and contemplate being miraculous-- not everyone has this opportunity in life! Let us be grateful for it. Be good to yourself. Keep exploring and learning about yourself-- your healing lies in this space. Keep finding positive, authentic ways to express yourself-- your realizing your right to declare and design Life for yourself lies in this space (and helps others to recognize they can do the same). Keep encouraging-- your possibilities grow in this space.  


In the year ahead, I hope you stay with exploring your hearts, minds and bodies. Listening to them and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be here. And may you become a source of encouragement for yourself and others.


Cheers to a New Year!! Wishing you and yours all the BEST in the year to come. 

Blessings and Love,


Sarah Ladybug

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